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Solutions Period


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As builders, our task is more about understanding than it is about conceiving.  We don’t create the what, but we devise the how, translating exceptional visions into practical realities; transforming raw materials into elegant solutions, how to take what once was an idea and turn it into an exquisite something.  To do that, we see the vision, understand its essence, anticipate the contingencies, and ultimately find solutions to bring it to reality. 

We’re discriminating about all that we do, every step of the way. We take the same pride in an accurate estimate as we do in executing projects that everyone else only saw the challenges within. 

Do we consider ourselves artists? Many of us are.  And, we are certainly at home in the company of artists, and have done a lot of work for and with them.  However we view ourselves more as craftsman. That craft, combined with artistic creativity and passion produce exceptional outcomes .  The pride we take in our work comes most from interpreting someone else’s vision, leaning on our experience and, creating solutions to problems thought to be insolvable. 

“Solutions Period is my go to shop every time!”


Mangos Tropical Cafe

“ Please express to your team how thrilled I am at 

the outcome, and that they should be extremely proud

 of their work.”

David Hughes
Senior Scenic Designer
Universal Orlando Entertainment